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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  July 9, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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the west and creating some lift in the atmosphere, not as much as yesterday. we have cloud cover as well that is helping to keep a cap on some of that severe storm development but as we zoom in you can see up to the north through lehigh valley, allentown, severe cell moving through north hampton county on its way to the north east and into new jersey. that is moving at 45 miles an hour. but very heavy rain associated with this and it does have potential for a gust as high as 60 miles an hour. elsewhere we have some thunderstorms that are popping up, this one in reading moving east toward valley, pennsylvania and then also continuing toward the lehigh valley. no, sir as strong as other storms we have seen, today. we will continue to track these. we have that severe thunderstorm warning in effect once again in the 6:45 for nazareth, bangor and heading north east into new jersey. also a severe thunderstorm watch for most of us until 10:00 o'clock tonight. with these scattered storms the main threat will be damaging wind in excess of 60 miles an hour, downpours, and possibility of hail.
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we will continue to track the storms but we want to you remember that you can keep track of the storms anytime with the new cb. philly weather app available for all apple prod accounts, check live radar and check weather updates and send us your pictures. tweet storm pictures by using the hash tag cbs-3 storm. remember always make sure it is safe before snapping a picture. some could be without power, until friday. 35,000 people are without electricity nearly 24 hours after the storm ripped through. "eyewitness news" reporter jane carabao is live in wayne where homeowners are staring down a big clean up, jen. >> reporter: that is right, jessica this storm left incredible damage here in wayne. neighbors tell me wind came and went in an instant leaving destruction behind, tree limbs in the middle of the roads and some instances huge trees like this on top of homes. similar sites could be seen throughout the philadelphia region today.
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from the gates have of merion mercy academy and merion station to businesses on montgomery avenue in narberth, folks throughout the the tri-state find themselves dealing with the aftermath of the latest storm. >> sitting here doing paperwork in the dark. >> reporter: as were many people today at the peak, a quarter million peco customers were without power. utility saying a result of the severity of the storm particularly its winds. >> they are not only breaking a tree branch but they are carrying it. it can be wind, it can be blend in the wind into our equipment. >> reporter: one of the hardest hit area wayne, delaware county. >> big tree. >> reporter: where several trees more than 150 feet tall came crashing down. >> this is stunning, the power of mother nature, it was, literally raining bricks. >> reporter: bill conway's chimney sits on the sidewalk, his century old tree taking out everything in the path. >> roof became essentially a bulldozer and pushed through the retaining wall, knocked
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down another tree and left a gaping wound 6 feet deep. >> reporter: as power crews continue to fix poles and lines many homeowners here of long rebuilding projects head as well. first tree guy told me this morning they have to find largest crane they cannot tri-state area. >> and, you can see why such a big crane is needed. this is conway's home. that is the the tree that is overtop of the house right now, and take a look at where some of the branches fell, really the next store neighbor here really lucky that it didn't hit their home. the the owner was right inside. peco is working to restore power throughout the philadelphia region but because of so many outages it may take until friday to get everyone back on line. they hope that the majority of the customers will have power, either tonight or tomorrow: jane carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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right now breaking details on the destruction and mansion fire in wayne, delaware county. chopper three over wyndham lane a little while ago. look at those flames. that fire is believed to have started in the garage where someone was working on a car. it then spread quickly through garage and rest of the house. we are told one person did suffer minor injuries, that person was taken to the hospital, to be check out. more breaking news now at 6:00 o'clock. philadelphia police are on the scene of the home invasion in the 6200 block of carpenter street. that is in the cobbs creek section of the city. police say that the two men broke in possibly through a back window, shortly after 2:00 this afternoon. the home owner, a nine two-year old woman apparently walked in on the robbery and was assaulted. but we're told that she for the back. she did suffer minor injuries in that scuffle. police say that they recovered the victim's tv and a suitcase on the street but not jewelry, that was taken. now the very latest on the deadly fire in southwest philadelphia the liberian
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ambassador met with city leaders to day hoping to smooth over some of the tensionness that community, after they lost four children in the blaze. meanwhile the tension over the perceived, lack of answers, in the community, continues to grow. "eyewitness news" was outside of city hall earlier tonight where more than a dozen people had gathered to protest. our matt rivers is on the scene of the fire, in southwest philadelphia, with more, matt. >> reporter: chris, those protesters left this neighborhood, just behind me here, where this fire happened, around 3:00 o'clock or so heading their way towards city hall. there is a lot of tension in this neighborhood as family members and their neighbors trying to figure out exactly what happened and see if it might have been prevented. >> i don't know where my children are at. i will not get them back again. they are gone. >> reporter: lots of emotion from patrick san yah he, father of two boys killed in saturday's fire. he spoke to three dozen people gather at city hall including council members and liberian
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ambassador jer my a their goal. >> we are trying to find out what went wrong. we are trying to find out what can we do as the investigation continues. >> reporter: community members in this predominant liz liberian community have been angry saying the fire department took too long to arrive at a fire that killed four children. the department and the the nutter administration of denied that saying fire fighters arrived within five minutes of getting the first call. fire officials released 911 tapes and fire dispatch logs on tuesday, showing that they got to the scene quickly. >> fire commissioner is telling me we did a good job, we did a good job. if did you a good job you would have rescued somebody. >> reporter: wednesday's meeting was a little more than conversation but if the tire department could have done something differently the city says they will find out what it is. >> i give them the credit, as i will that they did a good job, however, the investigation will be neutral. >> reporter: in the meantime no cause for the fire has been given so far.
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amid all of the unrest lots of donations continuing to pour in at baptist church behind me at 65th and gesner streets. officials here tell me they don't need anymore clothing but what they do need is non-erishable food items and toilettories and any cash donation will be accepted. we are live from southwest philadelphia tonight, matt rivers, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> matt, thanks very much. police say a suspect recently paroled from prison is under arrest in the string of burglar is in upper darby. those break ins left a neighborhood in fear. only "eyewitness news" was there aster he will booker was taken from his arraignment. he is accused of slipping in the woman's home, and staring at her as she slept. then running away when she awoke. >> the parole system, probation system lets this guy out. he was released in december of 2013, and in april of 2014 is his first incident. >> for now booker has been charged with one burglary but
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police say they expect more charges. nothing was stolen in any of the burglaries but in one a woman was indecently assaulted. philadelphia police are searching for a suspect in an assault on the subway platform. take a look at this surveillance video. police say that the suspect sat next to his victim at the broad and susquehanna station ape assaulted her as a train pulled in, the suspect and victim boarded different cars, and departed that station. authorities in delaware county announced the arrest of two people in connection with the hit and run caught on surveillance video in ridley park. twenty-five year-old adrian mccray and 31 year-old ty windshielder are accused in the april crash that critically injured 18 year-old christopher brooks. he was struck riding a bike on chester pike. that teenager continues to recover from his injuries. happening right now workers at show boat casino in atlantic city are protesting the loss of their jobs.
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local 54 organize the rally. union represents the non-gaming employees of the casino. worker plan to deliver a petition to the caesars corporate offices located inside bally's. caesars plans to close the show boat down august 31st. we have learned today that a portion of the i495 bridge in delaware could reopen sooner then expected. that certainly is good news for drivers who have been forced to find alternate routes after that bridge was shut down last month. officials with dell dot the now say that their crews are weeks ahead of schedule, temporary repairs were originally expect to be complete, by labor day. a big warning tonight for e-z pass users. >> we will tell you what you need to know about the e-mail scam targeting tag holders, the details on that are straight ahead. plus, the buzz in new jersey is that bee keepers are getting support from trenton i'm cleve bryan coming up we will tell you how honey bees play a pivotal role in jersey fresh produce. we are tracking showers and storms.
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on storm scan 3a few in lehigh valley and berks county. few more to the west. they will pop up throughout this evening. severe weather threat will continue until 10:00 o'clock, leslie. kathy, phillies have beaten the team with the best record in the national league in back to back games. can they make it three in a row? as deadline approaches the phillies decide to trade cole hamels we will tell you where he could end up in sports.
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we rely on tech nothing every day and high tech computers are more of a stape until our cars. but at what cost? the the three on your side's jim donovan find the same technology that makes driving, easier could also be used to spy on you. find out what kind of information is being collect and how it could be used, tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. we have a warning tonight for drivers who have have have e-z passes, some scammers could target your personal information through your e-mail. a bogus e-mail is advising customers if they have not paid their tolls. the e-mail includes a clickable link that where you can down load an invoice to pay. well, don't click on that link or respond to the e-mail at all. e-z pass reminding customers tonight that its service
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center does not e-mail invoices for payment. bills are buzzing in the new jersey legislature to help the honey bees. their dwindling population has been in jeopardy for years. "eyewitness news" new jersey reporter cleve bryan shows us why future of the honey bee could impact you in a big way. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands office bees behind seth belton's cherry hill home provide quite a buzz and plenty of nature's candy. >> this is fresh honey for bees that they have just made today, dripping off. >> reporter: he is former president of the new jersey bee keep's so, whose membership has increased ten fold in the last few years. >> is there the greatest interest ever, perhaps in the history of bee keeping, but it is still fragile. >> reporter: honey bee populations are in danger due to colony collapse and mit e spreading throughout hives. everyone ace affect because bees play an important role in the food chain and economy. >> if you have a blueberry bush and pollenated by bees vigorously not only do you get more blueberries but higher
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quality blueberry that is properly pollenated and kind of blueberry would you want to buy at the super market. >> reporter: new jersey lawmakers trying to help bee keeping. recently at semmably passed a package of bills to protect bee keepers from lawsuits who find them a nuisance and create stiff fines for destroying beehives. there are hundreds of honey bees that just goes to show they are much more interested in work then biting people n fact, experts say that are far more benefits than dangers having bee keepers in your neighborhood. >> they make everything more productive. >> reporter: it is up to new jersey senate to pass bee bills. >> bees are bee set by problems and bills today will hopefully stabilize bee keeping in new jersey. >> reporter: after all it is new jersey's state insect. in cherry hill, i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". thunderstorms popping up again tonight as many continue to clean up from last night's wild fire. >> it was quite a night, tonight meteorologist kate billow and kathy orr are tracking latest round of sum are storms. we will start with kate in merion station with the cbs-3
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mobile weather lab, kate? >> reporter: thanks, chris, i was actually driving past this area earlier today and difficult almost a triple take on the size of this tree that fell in merion station at the mercy contacted my area. this thing is huge. this has been cut up. this was at one point blocking the whole driveway but take a look at how large this tree is, segment that came off of it, it was very, very tall, block the entire driveway and now you they have come out to chain saw toss clear everything out. look at the size of this almost size of the cbs-3 mobile weather lab which we drove out here tonight. this is evident all across the region throughout the day yesterday. we can tell trunk was rotted so that weakened this tree as those strong wind came through, and it just didn't stand a chance. we have more storms today. there is a difference between yesterday's set up and today's set up. lets look at our graphic and get more in depth on this. yesterday's storms had plentiful heat and moisture. yesterday temperatures were
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well in the 90's and dew points were very high as well. we had intense uplift along that strong cold front. boeing squall line with the gust and front is what we felt yesterday and strong jet stream in place. today's storms still a strong front but less moisture and uplift and less sheer and these are discrete sells. they are tend to go pop up and collapse pretty quickly. as we head toward evening once we lose heating of the day these will fall apart faster than yesterday's storms. back here live we have high risk for downpours in any storm tonight and high risk for localized severe win threat as well, these storms are not every where but they will be in a few spots. for more on the current radar picture we will go back inside to kathy, hi kathy. >> thanks kate, we appreciate it. many trees still down across the region, one place we are not having any weather trouble was the shore. you could seaboard of ocean city cape may county not under a severe thunderstorm watch this evening, little bit more
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stable there next to the sea shore and folks will be able to enjoy throughout the evening period. storm scan three we have some storms popping up, as kate mentioned moving into new jersey. little line in lehigh valley and berks county lifting toward northeast and another line along chesapeake the water is quite warm in the 80's there, so a lot of warm, moist air and another cell to the south and washington d.c. that cell in particular could create some problems for delaware. right now this line in reading, heavy rain, gusty wind moving in the north east and down toward washington d.c. as a severe cell that could make it into delaware. not far way. frequent lightening, hail, damaging wind and then it will be moving east only about 76 miles away from southern delaware, hopefully it will weaken by the time it gets there. i want to show you this picture eyewitness cam from ben. he sent from it bethlehem when the storm was moving through bethlehem a severe cell that has moved into north jersey
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but you can see clearing in the storm as it moved through. this is a live neighborhood network in nazareth that same cell moving over the middle school earlier this afternoon. clouds came in, downpours, some gusty wind as well, and rain cooled temperature right now of only 71 degrees and clouds are still hanging on. severe thunderstorm watch will continue until 10:00 but as kate mentioned once we lose that day time heating by 8:00 o'clock or so is there a good chance that this could be canceled because we are not going to be able to stir up anymore additional warmth as far as today is concern. that is good news. not a heat wave, high of 89, after that we will stay in the 80's. it will get much more comfortable. eighty-six in philadelphia. you can see rain cooled temperatures to the north and west and see willow grove still 84, northeast philadelphia still 87 with just a few sprinkles passing by. that cold front swings through tonight much more comfortable tomorrow with the slight chance of the shower or storm, friday looks good, saturday looks good and next threat of rain or storms will come
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sunday with this front that is well to the west. we will continue to update you on these storms and in the meantime, look at what happens over the next couple of weeks, a below average temperature wise, beyond the seven day, lows tonight in the 70's and highs tomorrow in the more comfortable 80's and looking ahead on the inclusive seven day forecast and shore cast, after the weekend temperatures will be, in the 80's by wednesday, the high only 84 degrees. remember, tomorrow, orr at the shore is live from margate hope to see you there, around lucy if not check us out on cbs-3 at 5:00 and 6:00. don't worry about sun glare that much today, do we vittoria. >> not so much sun glare as rush hour volume in high delays. look at ben franklin bridge delayed in either direction between new jersey and philadelphia watch out for walt whitman bridge eastbound we are experiencing a delay there at the mid span there is police activity try to avoid this area if you can. taking a look at speed sensors
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rush hour vine street expressway jammed river to river on both sides three is your average on the schuylkill, 26 on 476. traveling boulevard northbound at masher we have an accident in the inner drive stay with us on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 6:00. we will be right back.
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well, after getting called out by gn reuben amaro junior about their one -five record on the ten game road trip phillies won two straight. roberto hernandez on the hill tonight against milwaukee. phillies trailed five-one and came back chase utley sickles scoring kyle kendrick and ben reveer to cap a five run rail and give fightins the lead. struggling dominic brown with
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the great game in the third hits his sixth home run of the season. he had a two run single in the fifth and phillies beat brew crew nine-seven. >> i feel pretty good up there right now but i just got to stick with it. i know i'm a heck of a hitter that is just my mind set. i know eventually it will come you just have to keep working trade deadline at end of the month gm ruben amaro has decisions to make would he trade ace cole hamels. if he did cole would allow a trade to nine games, dodgers, angels, padres, rangers, braves, nationals, cardinals, red sox and, of course, the yankees. the sixers continuing summer league action in orlando taking on the net, first half of the game nets on the break nerlens noel gets block, sixers get the ball, to casper wear. he knocks down the triple right here to tie up the game. later nerlens get the offensive rebound and, shot in the lane is good but right new sixers trailed 49-44 in the
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second half. the semi time match of the world cup between argentina and netherland in score in extra time, winner will face german i in the champion ship game on sunday, we will be right back with more news.
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we will return at ten on our sister station wpsg the cw fill a inn we beer here at 11:00. stay tuned for "cbs evening news" tonight. conflict between israel and palestinian in gaza heat up, plus could recently discovered, vials of small fox, contain live virus. find out next, as scott pelley reports, in new york.
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pest tonight the small pox discovery, we've learned more about the small pox vials discovered in a storeroom outside washington. today the scientist in charge said this to dr. jon lapook. >> i would not be surprised if one or more of these samples contains live, growing small pox virus. >> our camera captures the assault on gaz. >> assuras: . holly williams on the rapidly escalating violence tonight. a tornado kills four in a state where tornadoes are rarely seen. vanita nair reports. and priceless art that survives 16 centuries is being erased by a modern scourge. seth doane on a race against time


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